Saturday, October 11, 2008


Sorry I've been away for a while...I'm a schoolgirl again, and schoolgirls have to do serious things like go to class, read books, do homework and make movies. Even naughty schoolgirls! Seriously, grad school takes up a lot of my time, so unfortunately this blog takes a back seat. But it's not going away! My posts may be shorter and less frequent, but just as committed, my darlings. Meanwhile, I'm doing this sexy reading on Saturday night! I'll be performing a period piece about Gatsby sex on Governor's Island.


The Erotica Series

Saturday, Oct 11 at 8 pm

Stage Left Studio
438 W. 37th Street, 5A, NYC.

Performers include
Cheryl King, Alithea Howes, Ruby Marez, Delrita Doyle, Carl Kissin, Chris Hoyle, Marlene Nichols, Stephanie Sellars, Brian Longwell,
and the Bitter Poet

Tickets $18, available at
Use discount code KISS... Read More to get $5 discount.

"Cheryl King, Artistic Director of Stage Left Studio, created this theatrical erotica series in September of 2005. Cheryl hosts this show, and begins each evening's performance with a brief selection from classic erotica, such as DH Lawrence, Anais Nin, Colette and other great writers.

She then introduces, in turn, artists presenting either original or existing works. These include, but are not limited to, poetry, spoken word, scenes and monologues, dance and songs. Forbidden Kiss shows celebrate the glory of the body, its sensuality, its beauty, and its astonishing capacity for pleasure."