Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Week in the Life of Lust

SUNDAY: Play-party brunch in friend's apartment. Caramel French toast, mimosas, and a bowl of condoms. During the "Welcome Circle", I introduced myself as Ms. Sellars. "I'm here to teach some lessons, hand out permission slips (Kinky Sex Coupons), and discipline unruly students." Some of the guests who had seen me as the naughty schoolgirl two nights prior snickered and winked at my rapid graduation to sexy schoolteacher. When it was the Princess Slut's turn to speak, she expressed her desire to be held in detention.

She wore a leash around her neck. I held her taut on all fours as she allowed me to demonstrate the usage of the medieval Russian fur flogger she brought into class for her oral presentation. There was a minor interruption when I had to address another student who was wearing bright orange panties with a black bra (against school uniform regulations). Miss Slut graciously resumed her performance and proved to be a good student after all. I gave her an A.

A hot British girl with blue hair licked my pussy for an hour. I didn't come. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I already had three orgasms courtesy of Mr. Hitachi. My pussy was extremely sore after Friday night's teenage regression and a full day of lovemaking on Saturday.

I was going to share a cab with Princess and royal company to attend the open house party at Club Tantra but as they were headed toward the door, Ms. Blue was still licking my pussy. What a dilemma.

And what a party! Far more exciting than the New York Marathon, which was in full swing just a few blocks away. There's nothing like hearing cheers when you're in the middle of an orgy. What do those runners have to show for it anyway? We've trained for years to do what we do. It's about time we got some recognition!

I told Princess and her subjects that I would meet them there. After Ms. Blue lifted her head for the last time, I convinced her to come with me to Club Tantra. In the cab, she showed me photos of herself on her cell phone. There she was--red stripes and welts all over her naked body in a sexy pose. She likes it rough.

To be continued...

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