Saturday, August 30, 2008

Encouraging Words

Dear Readers,

Sorry I've been away for a while! I've been traveling a lot this summer, adventuring in Japan for two weeks and now finishing up a week in Utah before heading back to the sexy city...I'll start posting again next week. Meanwhile, I would like to share with you a kind letter from a fan.

"I hope you don't mind this "fan letter." I've been an avid reader and supporter of your work since your first New York Press pieces. It was important to me to write this because I know from your essays and blog posts how sensitive you are to the kind of criticism that has been coming at you lately. I find it astonishing that people could think for a second that you are arrogant when you respond so thoughtfully to words obviously intended to be hurtful written by someone without the basic courage to reveal his or her identity. To be honest, in a similar situation I would have responded in kind, with the literary equivalent of a raised middle finger. You were decidedly more classy and composed.

I could praise your work a lot more, but you don't need it. Your writing makes it clear that you know your own worth. What's truly sad is that these anonymous hecklers spend their time attempting to tear you down for supposed "arrogance" instead of investigating the source of their own unhappiness. Honesty is what we all need most, and from the very beginning you have always delivered that to your readers.

Thank you for always sharing yourself so honestly."

--Darcy F.

Thank you Darcy! Stay tuned for upcoming stories on exhibitionist bondage and Part 2 of Sunday in the Park with Charlie. Also mark your calendars for a Sex Debate on Sept 28 starring yours truly. And watch The Fold!

Lust Always,

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