Tuesday, August 25, 2009


If he stood in the center of the ring, he had the perfect view of her pussy: the tight tangerine fabric clinging to her crotch, the tiny bulge of labia, the occasional wet spot. He was alone, practicing his new act, when she walked in and climbed the ladder to the trapeze. She untied the trapeze, clasped the bar, swung out, and did a number of positions as she swung back and forth. He followed her motions, watching her closely. He held his breath a few times. He had never seen an aerialist practice without a partner. After she climbed down, she smiled at him as she passed by. He wanted to ask her questions. Where was she from? Why was she practicing alone? But all he could do was offer her the banana cream pie he had been spinning on his finger. She dipped her finger in the cream, smelled it, sucked it slowly. Then she disappeared behind the red velvet curtains.

He found out from the other clowns that she had just arrived three days ago from the Ukraine, to join the troupe of Mongolian acrobats after their top girl fell during a show and broke her neck. That knowledge gave him chills. It made him nervous for her. He would hate to see this young and gorgeous girl fall to the same fate as the one she replaced. He would find it even more tragic because it had been so long since a woman inspired movement in his pants. Not that he was glad that the other girl was gone. It’s just that all the females on the tour were either married, lesbians, or uptight snobs who didn’t mess with clowns. Sexual deprivation had brought him to the point of lusting after the elephants. During the opening promenade, he walked behind Elsie the elephant with a cone-shaped hat on his head. The other day he was so horny, he couldn’t help imagining sticking his entire head, cone and all, into Elsie’s enormous cunt.

Thank God Yuliana came along. At least now he had a real human to masturbate to. He caught her once more before the show, talking to the Russian brother contortionists. He was in full costume this time, so he wasn’t sure if she recognized him. She smiled at him, then turned back to the Russians and giggled. The brothers went away. He smiled back, aware of his cock growing. She tilted her eyes down, then up again to meet his white-ringed eyes. Could she see the bulge in his baggy clown pants? She said, “I lieek clowns,” in a heavy accent, and giggled again.

What music to his ears! He wanted to touch her right then. He wanted to wrap his arm around her tight little ass and pull her toward him, pressing her against his cock. But the show was about to start, and if he had done that, he would’ve come in his pants for sure. She would tell the Russian brothers who would leak the story to everyone else on the tour. No, he wouldn’t want to risk his reputation or his job. He would let her make the first move. She had to. After all, she stuck her finger in his pie. She likes clowns.

He ran to the bathroom to release the cum. It took only a few strokes. He came just as the first chord of the band started up. As he marched behind Elsie, he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Yuliana, that is. He delighted in the sensations of his cock growing and shrinking to the complete unawareness of the audience. It was like riding a low-grade orgasm; the pre-show ejaculation allowed him to control the arousal as if his cock were a club of fire he was balancing on his nose. If it got to be too hot, he just let it fall.

His act came right after hers. He brushed by her as she flitted off stage. “Are you doing zee pie now?” she whispered in his ear.

He nodded like a dope, wondering how he was going to make it through his act without bursting. He had to have her. He couldn’t take it anymore. But the show must go on.

The pie-spinning, stupid jokes and antics the director scripted for him, and the audience volunteer bit became a blur of unprofessional sensations. When he stuck his finger in the pie, he imagined he was sticking his finger in her. The cute girl he pulled from the audience gave him a hard-on because she was about the same height as Yuliana, with the same auburn hair. But it was Yuliana who got him through the show. The warm vanilla breath lingering on his skin and her sexy accent sent the plates spinning without a single glitch.

His cock was hard as he took a bow and deliberately tripped into the pie. He thought, if clowns wore tights, he would need a steel cod-piece to keep his cock contained. Baggy may not be sexy, but they let you get away with things that would be embarrassing in tight pants.

He was headed to the dressing room to change when he felt a hesitant tap on his shoulder. He turned to find her smiling at him like a child waiting expectantly for a treat.

“You have more pies?” She asked.

Seeing no one nearby but the show-dog trainer, he grabbed her hand and pulled her into the storage area down the hall. He opened a tiny refrigerator in the corner. He pulled out a pie.

“Usually they’re filled with shaving cream,” he said. “But I prefer to use the real thing. It costs the circus more, but they let me do it, because I’m the only clown that feeds the pie to unsuspecting audience members. They love it.”

She dug her hand into the cream, scooped out a big glob and thrust it into her mouth, smearing her face in the process. He wasn’t sure whether he should be aroused or appalled. Was she kinky or just weird? Before he could make an assumption, she tilted up to kiss him. She gave him a sloppy kiss, smearing pie over his clown smile, then wiped the cream off his face with her hand and fed it to him, letting her finger linger in his mouth, twirling it around his tongue before pulling it out. That was his cue.

He pulled her toward him for a deep kiss, slipping his fingers between the crotch of her costume and her thigh, to feel her slit. It was dripping wet. He rubbed her gently and rapidly, making little circles on her swollen clit while pulling her onto his now rock-hard cock throbbing beneath his ridiculous purple pants. She pulled him down slightly with an almost possessed look in her eyes, saying, “Eat me, please.”

Then suddenly she slipped on something, and they both collapsed to the floor. The other trapeze girl flashed before a wave of horror crashing over him. He looked down to find Yuliana planted ass-down in the pie, which she had knocked off a shelf on her way down. The shocked doll expression of her face cracked into wild laughter.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

She nodded. He started to pull her up, but she resisted. He let her pull him down and guide his face toward her pussy. He kissed the moist fabric, then slowly peeled it away. Oh God, it was like diving into a dessert! Her pussy was so sweet, and it wasn’t from the pie, though she seemed to enjoy the squishy, creamy wet feeling on her ass and thighs and pussy. She squirmed as he licked her, rubbing her clit with his red nose now and then. At this point, nothing seemed weird, because they were in a circus after all, and she was sitting in a banana cream pie. She moaned as she guided his head to the rhythms of her pleasure. It didn’t take her long to come. She didn’t make much noise, but writhed in the cream, arching her back like a contortionist.

She looked down at her cream-soaked costume. “I’m mess,” she said, with a mix of pure observation and delight. Then she unbuttoned his pants and pulled his cock out.

“Ohh...” he moaned. “It’s been so long...don’t be alarmed...if I come...in 2 seconds...”

She gave it a few strokes, dipped her hand in the cream and rubbed it all over the shaft. Mingled with her juices, it was slimy enough to work as lube. She licked the creamy concoction, then lightly teased the head with her tongue. Oh, suck it, please suck it, he thought, although he didn’t want to rush her.

She needed no command. She put it in her mouth and sucked the tip while stroking the shaft with one hand, pulling on his balls with the other. “Oh God, oh God, Jesus Christ, fuck Barnum and Bailey...Ahhh!” He couldn’t hold it in any longer. She pulled her mouth away and stroked the cum out of him, making him squirt onto her and into the pie. He collapsed next to her and they leaned against each other in silence for a few moments, allowing their breathing to synchronize as it slowed. Then she stood up, examining her wet, cream-stained costume. She looked worried. He spotted a piece of glittery fabric hanging from a rusty hook. He pulled it down and wrapped it around her. She smiled, kissed his nose, and skipped away.

He put his satisfied cock back into his pants and zipped up. He was a mess as well but he didn’t care. He cleaned up the floor with some paper towels, then stared at the pie. He stuck his finger in and tasted it. It couldn’t have been better if it were fresh.


Pagan Topologist said...

Beautiful and arousing, as is so often the case here.

Anonymous said...


Masterfully Written.

Shayna said...

sexiest clown story ever!

By my god, my vision is fucked after reading the white on black!