Friday, September 18, 2009

Girl on Bike

Girl on bike
wire-basket, Italian style
caught in an old-world alley way
I watch her
she rides up behind me
I, her prey, invite her
Minced conversation
who, what, knew
Then, a spin around
Magical piece of staging
Pulls me to her
As she pulls me in
I know her face
But she is more than her
I shouldn't go there
Because he is waiting
a few streets away
probably wondering
But I don't care
Though a kiss is permissible
it feels forbidden
in this cloistered passage
I move into her
Feeling without touching
Her form evaporating
out of my grasp, into my dream


Pagan Topologist said...

Hey, we miss you! Are you going to be posting any more here?

new york clity said...

Yes, Stephanie! Yes yes! :)

Bloggers, like bad lovers, emphasize quantity over quality, spraying quick, empty words indiscriminately. A real writer knows how to excite on every level. That's always worth waiting for.

Don't feel pressured to post too often. You have a patient audience. Come as you are. Come as often as you want. Come.